by Jonathan Yasko, Founder and Managing Member

by Jonathan Yasko, Founder and Managing Member

Incorporated in June of 2007, Entrust Solutions was designed specifically to help service title companies, real estate attorneys, full service law firms and title insurance underwriters with all types of back office needs.

As former employees for several title insurance underwriters and agencies, we realized the companies we transacted business with sometimes had significant needs.  The needs could be anything from reconciling their escrow accounts to issuing final policies and everything in between.  We understood these needs and decided to act upon it.

If you are looking for an independent firm focusing on your type of business, we strongly encourage you to take fifteen seconds and contact us directly.

Most people who have heard of Entrust Solutions know us for one reason or another.  For those that are becoming aware of us for the first time we are typically asked, “What is Entrust?”  In either instance, I find myself telling them our story and how we came to exist.

Almost all of Entrusts employees came from the former underwriter Southern Title Insurance Corp. (STIC).  STIC was a regional title insurance underwriter domiciled in Virginia and had been in business since 1925.  On 9/15/2011, STIC suspended issuing new polices due to a cancelled Texas agent that stole money from his trust account and failed to make mortgage payoffs.  The employees of STIC were laid off at the close of business the same day.  The worst part is STIC pulled out of the state of Texas and cancelled this agency 3 years prior, but the damage was already done.  Ultimately on 12/22/2011, the Bureau of Insurance for the State of Virginia placed STIC into receivership.

To use the phrase ‘making lemonade out of lemons we were handed’ Entrust became this new emerging title insurance servicing company.  After many years auditing agents for two different underwriters, I consistently saw a need for select back office services.  I felt we could play a ‘hybrid’ role for our clients, taking on services they did not have time for – or – did not want to do; and they could utilize that time to market and develop new business.

Our model is similar to a concierge service or a-la-carte menu, whereby you can pick and choose what services you need.  The client has the option to use us for however much or little they deem necessary.  Our very own Nancy Willet dubbed the phrase, “Let Entrust be your employee” and it has really taken off.  We offer everything from forms productions (commitment and policy typing) to escrow / trust account reconciliations to virtual assistant and everything in between.

Our new Nexus Program came about by the increasing demands for net remittance requirements by the underwriters.  I thought to myself, there has to be a way to help the small to mid-size agents and attorneys that are not going to make it because of minimums.  We came up with a plan that could benefit all parties involved and since it’s not every day that an underwriter is now an agent, we sought out to seize this opportunity.  Now, our Nexus Program Agents can utilize our knowledge and skills to create a new platform for real estate transactions.  Currently, we have four underwriters (Security Title, Old Republic, Fidelity National Title and North American Title) and are appointed in Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida Indiana and Ohio. Click HERE for more information about our Nexus Program.

Let our knowledge and expertise help your company prosper.