For non-Nexus clients: Entrust Solutions would connect to the attorney or title company’s server or stand alone PC via a secure VPN connection software and reconcile the escrow / trust account.  Since there is an array of different types of accounting software, the secure VPN connection would allow us to physically reconcile the account on the client’s PC and suffer zero downtime.  Conducting proper monthly ‘3-way’ reconciliations is the only way to ensure against possible defalcation, fraud, negligence or mis-appropriations.

Once the reconciliation is completed, we will image the documents and host it on our login and password secured server, so that you can view the reconciliation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Additionally, we will mail to you the original printed materials with any additional correspondence regarding follow-up, with the reconciliation.


  1. You must have a computer with your accounting software that remains on at all times.
  2. The VPN software must be installed on that PC allowing us to log in remotely.
  3. A ‘view-only’ access user id to your escrow / trust account via online banking.

Security: Entrust Solutions would not handle any funds of the client.  The accounting software, the client has purchased, has a reconciliation mode where we would conduct the reconciliation.  Using the secure VPN, we would connect to the client and conduct the reconciliation.  This VPN software is the only on-demand online collaboration service provider to have earned both WebTrust and SAS70 certification, giving you the highest levels of security possible.

Fiduciary Responsibility: Entrust Solutions will not have access and or ability to handle or manipulate Escrow or Trust funds in the bank account of the client therefore, ensuring that the Escrow or Trust funds are being held within a fiduciary capacity of that entity.  The sole practice of this organization is to reconcile their adjusted book balance to their adjusted bank balance to their Trial Balance.