ALTA Recorded Webinar - Fraud and Your Escrow / Trust Account

The American Land Title Association ("ALTA") featured a 30 minute webinar focused on Fraud and Your Escrow / Trust Account.  We were excited that they asked our Managing Member, Jonathan Yasko to be the presenter. Due to the growing concerns of thieves targeting title companies and real estate attorney's escrow/trust accounts, education is the only way to help prevent potential theft.  The YouTube video below was a recording of the webinar and we invite you to listen and share with your coworkers.

In addition, We are adding a new section called "Entrust Educational Events" of the recorded webinars or upcoming events/seminars attended by or performed by Entrust Solutions.  Continue to visit our website for more information.

If you cannot view the video below, you can click on the link to the YouTube video here:[youtube_lightbox source="" image="" title="Fraud and Your Escrow / Trust Account" width="560" height="315" align="left"]