Entrust Educational Event - CFPB, Best Practices and the Consummation

Entrust Solutions is pleased to bring you another Entrust Educational Event.  This 30 minute Lunch N' Learn series is focused on ALTA's Best Practices, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the upcoming new Closing Disclosure Form

Thursday, May 21st

12:00 PM EDT

You may register for the event by clicking the link below:


Description of the Webinar:

What is the CFPB? Lenders feeling the pressure by the Government. Acceptance of "full responsibility" and actions with and against 3rd party servicers. 

What are the ALTA's Best Practices" This will include an overview of the 7 pillars. Talking about best practices is not implementation and who can you turn to for help. 

What are the lenders's responses to both? What title companies and law firms can do, what lenders are looking for and how this will impact the title industry.