New Year, Higher Minimums

Underwriter Minimums Are Going Up...

2015 is finally here and a new year also means new regulations.  As the Title Insurance Underwriters prepare for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus' August 1st transition, each and every law firm and title agency will be scrutinized for compliance.  This higher level of review will also increase the cost of compliance audits and result in higher net premium remittance requirements for your company to maintain an agency appointment.  

Don't let yourself get cancelled for low production, Entrust is your answer and our Nexus Program can help.  The Nexus Program was created to help Real Estate Attorneys, Law Firms and Title Agents keep their business going.

Nexus Program

Are you a Law Firm or Title Agency that has a difficult time making the yearly production minimums mandated by the Underwriters?  Are you being cancelled for low production?  Entrust can help, find out more HERE.