Entrust Enterprises

Entrust Hires Chief Title Officer, Opens Search Company

Title insurance servicing company adds Mary Arman as Chief Title Officer and opens Entrust Abstrax

KNOXVILLE, TN – Dedicated to constant innovation, Entrust Enterprises, the parent company of Entrust Solutions, hires Mary Arman, Esq., as Chief Title Officer.  Coupled with the new hire addition, Entrust ventures into the title search and abstracting field by launching Entrust Abstrax, LLC.

No stranger to creating services and solutions in the title industry, Entrust identified the next logical step was to create and build a title production plant from scratch with a heavy emphasis on technology.  “I am pleased to be a part of the team and help build this new company from inception,” said Mary Arman, graduate of Eastern Michigan University.  “As a former title searcher for a Big 4 company, this helps me get back to my roots,” Arman added.  Mary received her JD from Michigan State University School of Law (formerly Detroit College of Law).

Abstrax gives our clients the ability to come to one source for all of their title needs,” said Jonathan Yasko, CEO of Entrust.  “Our goal is to build a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach in the title industry.”  Entrust recently launched another business entity named Entrust Property Research, which researches municipal liens and HOA estoppel requests for title companies and law firms.  “I like to use Super Walmart or Super Target as an example, you can basically get most of your needs from one place and this is what I want to accomplish in our industry,” Yasko stated.

The Abstrax website has a customer portal which allows the client to order online and request updates in a secure platform.  As an added benefit, the customer can review their order history and allows them to build their own prior policy plant.  At any time, the client can log into the system and check the status of the search.  “Everything we do is produced in the US,” said Yasko.

Arman and Yasko also share previous history together as Mrs. Arman was Yasko’s former boss at Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund.  Arman spent time as Underwriting Counsel, Senior Claims Attorney and Risk Manager for The Fund spanning over 16 years.  As a former Board Certified Real Estate Attorney, Arman has the knowledge and expertise to help Entrust clients with complex real estate matters.

Abstrax is currently offering searches in Tennessee, Florida and Alabama.

For more information, please visit their website at www.entrustabstrax.com.