Florida municipal lien research

Sister Company EPR Integrates with LandTech

ORLANDO, FL – Entrust Property Research, a municipal lien and HOA estoppel search company, announces their recent integration with LandTech Data Services.  

Entrust Property Research (“EPR”) provides Municipal Lien Search reports for title companies and real estate attorney's in Florida and Nationwide. The custom reports find the unrecorded municipal liens and debts on residential or commercial properties.

“Landtech Data Corporation strives to stay ahead of the curve with technology,” said Ben Bell, Managing Partner of LandTech. “The integration with Entrust Property Research enhances our software capabilities while adding value to the client; with the click of a mouse, Landtech users can now order Municipal Lien Searches from within the closing file.”

“This is really exciting,” said Jonathan Yasko, Managing Member of EPR.  “LandTech is our first integration and will definitely progress us to the next step as being the preferred lien search provider.”  “Making the customer interaction more convenient with ordering directly from the software creates efficiencies and streamlines the overall process,” Yasko added.

The new integration is released with the latest update from LandTech.

New Link Added Under Services for Municipal Lien Search and HOA Estoppel Requests

Under the Services tab at the top, you will notice a link for Entrust's newest company, Entrust Property Research.  

Entrust Creates New Municipal Lien Search and HOA Estoppel Company 

ORLANDO, FL - Smart.  Economical.  Scalable.  These three words were used to create Entrust Property Research, LLC (“EPR”), a municipal lien and HOA estoppel service.  EPR is the most trusted source for lien searches with an exemplary track record of accurate, reliable searches with fast turnaround times

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Entrust Enterprises, LLC, EPR has the backing of a large parent company focused on technology and efficiencies in the title insurance and real estate settlement world.  Our highly trained team of professionals ensures that our clients’ searches are done right the first time with speed and accuracy.

You and your customers need accurate information regarding any municipal liens or HOA debts existing on a residential or commercial property.  By ordering a Municipal Lien Search or an HOA Estoppel letter from EPR, your report is 100% Guaranteed and backed by a $1,000,000 E&O insurance policy.

Our services include researching the following on all residential and commercial properties:

  • Real Estate Property Taxes
  • Municipal and County Debts
  • Code Enforcement Violations
  • Waste, Water, Sewer Balances
  • Special Assessments
  • Open and Expired Permits
  • Homeowners / Condominium Association Estoppels
  • Building Violations

The value of a Lien Search:  If you or your client is thinking about purchasing a property, particularly a foreclosure or short sale, how do you know if there will be additional hidden problems or costs?  Did the previous owner have any unresolved violations or building permits?  Why not rely on a title search?

A title search will only uncover any recorded liens on a property - it will not disclose municipal debts against real property, which can result in a lien on property if not cleared up prior to closing.  Unrecorded liens are not covered under your Owners Title Insurance Policy!

HOA and Condo Association Estoppel Letters: The HOA Estoppel letter which contains important information regarding the common expenses and obligations of the owner, parking spaces and upcoming assessments is required to insure clean title. EPR’s extensive database of HOA and Condo Associations allows us to efficiently obtain HOA Estoppel Certificates effectively and quickly.

Entrust Property Research

Our staff will assist you in discovering additional debts on a property that do not appear on a title search.  For ease and convenience, our website also allows the capability to order online and requests updates.

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