Help Processing Closing Files Is On The Way



If you are experiencing an employee shortage or need help with processing the overflow of real estate transactions, Entrust can help.  Entrust acts as your virtual employee, your clients and customers see you, not us and we have 3 great options to choose from:


Our professional, friendly team can assist with processing everything from receiving the signed contract to issuing the final policies and tracking mortgage releases.

Our Centralized Processing staff focuses on all the details involved in both residential and commercial real estate transactions and is designed to help you every step of the way on your closing. Think of us as your Virtual Assistant that can help you accommodate new orders during high peak times or when you have limited staff.

Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-Closing file processing
  • Ordering the title search
  • Securing Estoppel information - municipal lien searches, HOA, etc.
  • Ordering the survey
  • Preparation of the preliminary Settlement Statement calculations
  • Preparing the GFE HUD-1 and balance sheet
  • Closing document preparation
  • Mortgage Release Tracking

By utilizing our Centralized Processing Service, you will have the power of Entrust in your back pocket!


Having employee turnover?  Are you paying for closing mistakes that could have been avoided?  Perhaps you are down an employee – or – in growth mode and don’t know who to hire?  Entrust can help.

Our Virtual Assistant option gives our clients the ability to focus on growing their company while we handle the back office.  We can help you with almost any need your company has and we will always be there no matter what.

Contact us today for more information.  We can custom create a plan for you and your business.



Our Settlement Statement Preparation services allows you the ability of using Entrust's back office power to properly and timely complete HUD-1 settlement statements for your office.

There are two levels of the Settlement Statement Preparation available:

Standard - typically used for refinance or purchase sale transactions.  The Standard package allows up to 3 changes to the Settlement Statement.

Premium - unlimited changes to the Settlement Statement.  If you are working a Short Sale or REO closing, this is the option for you!