The Power of Exchange - an Entrust Educational Event

Entrust Educational Event - §1031 TAX DEFERRED CHANGES

You may have heard of a 1031 Exchange, but what exactly is it?  How does it work and what is a qualified intermediary?

In this Entrust Educational Event webinar, we bring in Asset Preservation, Inc., to discuss the power and value of tax deferred exchanges.

An introductory class on the basics of a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges presented in an easy to understand format using real-life examples.

If you wanted to learn more about 1031 Exchanges, or have customers that need to utilize this great tax saving ability, don't miss the next Entrust Educational Event webinar "The Power of Exchange," which will be held from 2:00 - 3:00 PM EDT, Wednesday, January 20th.

Seating is limited!

Industry experts will discuss:

  • Selecting a Qualified Intermediary due diligence
  • Tax Deferred Exchange Requirements
  • Like-Kind Property
  • Vacation home issues and how to qualify
  • IRC §1031 and exceptions, including property held for sale
  • Tax Deferred Terminology: What Exactly is “Boot?”
  • Delayed Exchange Rules and Requirements
  • Parking Arrangements: Reverse and Improvement Exchanges

Presenters include:

  • Jeff Stechmann - Asset Preservation, Inc.
  • Jonathan Yasko - Entrust Solutions

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