In the quest to be the title insurance servicing company of choice, Entrust has now launched its Centralized Processing service.  Our professional, friendly team can assist with processing everything from receiving the signed contract to issuing the final policies and tracking mortgage releases.

Our Centralized Processing staff focuses on all the details involved in both residential and commercial real estate transactions and is designed to help you every step of the way on your closing. Think of us as your Virtual Assistant that can help you accommodate new orders during high peak times or when you have limited staff.

Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-Closing file processing

  • Ordering the title search

  • Securing Estoppel information - municipal lien searches, HOA, etc.

  • Ordering the survey

  • Preparation of the preliminary Settlement Statement calculations

  • Preparing the GFE HUD-1 / Closing Disclosure Form (CDF) and balance sheet

  • Closing document preparation

By utilizing our Centralized Processing Service, you will have the power of Entrust in your back pocket!



Compliance standards are increasing, especially due to ALTA's Best Practices and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  

The Virtual File system is a transaction management system and turnkey web solution designed specifically for title companies.

Contact us today for more information.  We can custom create a plan for you and your business.

Post Closing

If we are processing your file, it makes sense to let Entrust warehouse and disburse your file as well.  This is a one-stop shop and we take the stress out of your work.

Pricing:  $199.00

Entrust will:

  • Warehouse and disburse your closing package

  • Electronic recording of your docs (additional Simplifile fees apply, not available in all areas)

  • Issuance of all forms / policies

  • Mail-outs of the final FedEx (up to 2 total) to appropriate parties


Centralized funding

Tired of managing and escrow / trust account?  Sick of the fees, reconciliations, bank issues?  Perhaps you are down an employee – or – in growth mode and don’t know who to hire?  Entrust can help.

Our Centralized Funding option gives our clients the ability to focus on growing their company while we handle the banking and disbursing.  We can help you with almost any state.


  • Residential - $125.00

  • Commercial - $350.00

Contact us today for more information.  We can custom create a plan for you and your business.