Say goodbye to time-consuming, hand completed documents and low return rates on your opening packages! preDOCS’ easy-to-use wizard will guide your buyers and sellers through the review, completion, and e-signing of all required pre-closing documents, and return them directly to your escrow file seamlessly once finished.

Signed, sealed and delivered.

What is preDOCS?



Secure transmission of the complete opening package, including wiring instructions, using the latest in end-to-end encryption.



Our proprietary system guides buyers and sellers through the review, completion & signature of the opening documents.



Integrated with most of the industry’s popular escrow systems, preDOCS will deliver documents and data back to your escrow file seamlessly.


Deliver Leads, Not Donuts.

For the first time ever, the title agent is the first to know when a homeowner is back in the market, not the last.

Armed with this information, you can stand out and grow your market share by becoming a viable source of leads for realtors and lenders. They will call you!

What is DigitalDocs?


First-point advantage

Instant alerts make you the first to know the moment homeowners are thinking of refinancing or selling. We sent 18,000 alerts last year.



See your referrals in action

Know when your real estate agent partners receive a lead through NextDeal so you can follow up.

Automated marketing

Homeowners receive regular targeted emails, marketing and access to their final closing documents.