eCLOUD - Entrust brings the power of cloud hosting to you


What is eCLOUD Hosting?  It connects users to a centralized, fully-functional data center.  All programs and applications are managed, stored and supported on our secure server - not on your PC.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of your applications are processed in a protected environment, while still running as fast as if they were stored locally.  Thanks to this technology, your users can access their data from anywhere at any time on any device.


title agents

Entrust is already known as the leader supporting title agents nationwide, so let us take your agency to the next level.

Our new eCLOUD product enables you to take your title and settlement software and place it on our cloud, thus giving you the ability to not limit yourself to your office.  The eCLOUD platform also assists in the care of ALTA PIllar 3 compliance and CFPB regulatory issues.

We host most title and settlement software, such as:

  • SoftPro
  • LandTech
  • Closer's Choice
  • TSS - Title Express
  • DoubleTime
  • DisplaySoft
  • RamQuest
  • and more...

Have additional software you would like in the cloud such as Quicken or QuickBooks?  We can help with that too!  Contact us for a custom quote.

*Microsoft Office Suite can be purchased for an additional $20.00 per month


  • $109.00 - $129.00 per user / per month*
  • One-time setup fee of $299.00
  • Each additional software (hosting only) $10.00 per user / per month


law firms

Big or small, Entrust can help your law firm with our new eCLOUD platform.

If your firm is real estate focused or multi-practice, our custom cloud hosting package is the answer you are looking for.  In addition to hosting your title and settlement software, we can also host almost any legal software:

  • PCLaw
  • TimeSlips
  • Thorpe Forms
  • PracticePanther Legal
  • AbacusNext
  • Bill4Time
  • and more...

*Microsoft Office Suite can be purchased for an additional $20.00 per month


  • $109.00 - $129.00 per user / per month*
  • One-time setup fee of $299.00
  • Each additional software (hosting only) $10.00 per user / per month

What you need to know about our cloud

What is Cloud Hosting?

In the past, businesses built and maintained the infrastructure needed to run on-site applications.  High cost, big staff burden.  Fast forward to today and a company can alleviate the staff burden and cost of building the infrastructure by hosting all of their applications with an enterprise application service provider

Who Needs Cloud Hosting?

Businesses that need cloud hosting the most are those with multiple locations or those with employees working from home or other remote locations.  Businesses dealing with lots of sensitive data that must remain secure and who cannot afford a security breach, virus, or other damaging event.  Additionally, companies that develop their own software applications can host inside of a secure cloud-based environment which is a much more cost-effective route.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

For one, as mentioned above it could represent a significant cost savings to your company.  Beyond that it gives you and your workforce mobility – work anywhere at anytime. Companies don’t need to pay high, upfront costs to purchase products like Microsoft Office and then get stuck having to re-purchase them every 2-3 years in order to stay current. With the eCLOUD, you can lease the software for a low-cost, monthly fee and never have to worry about upgrading.

And wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about the security of your data?  Well, that’s another plus with Cloud hosting – data is secure.  Add in 24-hour support delivered 7 days a week, year round.