Nexus Program

Are you a Law Firm or Title Agency that has a difficult time making the yearly minimums mandated by the Underwriters? Are you being cancelled due to low production?

It may be hard to understand why no Underwriter wants your business – the title industry is now moving towards the 80/20 Rule, just like other industries. Plus, as State and Federal regulations are becoming more difficult for the Underwriters, many continue to increase their minimums because of the cost of doing business (i.e. audits, commission splits, etc.).

The Nexus Program can help. Entrust Solutions has created this program to help Real Estate Attorneys, Law Firms and smaller title agents keep their business going.

Become a Nexus Agent

Applying to become a Nexus agent is super easy, simply click on the application and fill it out.  Please be sure to also print the Application Checklist for the additional information we need.
Please be advised that additional items may be requested.


How does it work?

This Nexus Agent program is designed to give Attorneys and Agents a platform to handle real estate transactions with little risk.  Entrust Solutions will handle most of the back office work and let the Attorneys and Agents focus on servicing their existing customer base.

How does it work?  Below is a bullet point item on who would handle what from the real estate transaction: 

Entrust Solutions:

  1. Enter order and create specific file number

  2. Review search from agent and create title commitment

  3. Secure ICSL (CPL) from Underwriter

  4. Disburse funds and wire the loan payoff if applicable

  5. Produce the final policy

  6. Scan the file in to our records

Approved Nexus Entity:

  1. Create order from the real estate contract

  2. Search and examine title work

  3. Cure title problems

  4. Send title package to lender and Entrust: commitment, CPL, wiring instructions, preliminary HUD

  5. Get HUD approved by lender and submit to Entrust

  6. Close loan

  7. Record closing documents

  8. Produce final attorney’s opinion

  9. Ship complete closing file back to Entrust

Things to consider:

  1. This will eliminate the hassle of handling and maintaining an escrow account.

  2. All files will be scanned and made available to the agents forever by logging in to the Entrust website at the top right of the screen. No need to worry about minimum file retention periods.

  3. Have the ability to close the loans you have not been able to.

  4. Not having to meet minimum remittances for underwriters to maintain an agency.