File Document Scanning

Do you have a file cabinet full of closing files, or even worse…a room full of them?  Are they collecting space that could be used for something else – or – are you paying for a separate storage facility to hold on to them?  Do yourself a favor and save money by having Entrust image your closing files.

That’s right, for a small, flat rate per file charge, we can scan your closing files, in the order you have them in, and upload them to our server.  You can access your closing files through our client login portal 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Did you know you can place the charge directly on your HUD-1?  This is because for every file we image, we provide your customer with a complete copy of their closing file burned directly to disc in PDF format.  After the file is imaged, we destroy the file to maintain security and privacy policies.

If you would like more information about our file document scanning, please contact us.

Professional Speaking

We are often asked to present the importance of 3-way reconciliations and management of escrow / trust accounts, as well as fraud and forgery in your escrow / trust accounts to title agents, insurance underwriters and other organizations. So far we have presented our seminars in the following states: Florida, Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Our speakers have been approved as presenters in the above-mentioned states and the majority of our seminars are given ethics credit for continuing education (CE & CLE) for states that require continuing education for attorneys and title agents.


We have several different types of seminars with material relating to the importance of 3-way reconciliations. If you have an upcoming seminar or event, and would like us to present, please contact us.


As an added service, we offer confidential audits of escrow accounts and real estate closing files. These services are available to title agents, law firms, or 3rd party audits of title agents from insurance underwriters.

The audits are conducted as unobtrusive as possible, and we offer comprehensive findings and recommendations to streamline your company and ensure your compliance under state and federal regulations.

If you would like us to conduct a confidential audit of your escrow accounts and real estate closing files, please contact us.

Policy Typing Service

In this current economy we are finding ourselves doing more and more around the office with no additional time. Typically we concentrate on the new deals coming in the door and forget about post-closing items – especially typing the final title insurance policies.

Well have no fear, Entrust is here. We now offer our policy typing service to produce your final policies. For $25.00 per file, we will take your commitment and final updated search to produce the final policy. No matter if it’s an owners and lender policy, lender only, owner only or owners with two lenders, the price is the same.

To find out more information about what Entrust can do for you, please contact us.

Centralized Disbursing

The real estate settlement and title insurance industry is about to change dramatically.  As all of us awaits the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Final Rule and with the added implementation of the American Land Title Association’s Best Practices, many Attorneys, Agents and yes, some title insurance Underwriters, will struggle to maintain compliance.  Entrust Solutions steps in to help with our Centralized Disbursing Services.

Lenders – Entrust gives you a ‘one-stop-shop’ focal point for your loans to be transacted by a multi-state agent, but also having localized service through the use of our Nexus Program agents.  You have one point of contact for your funding, payoffs and title policy.

Agents / Attorneys – Tired of maintaining an escrow / trust account?  Are you sick of paying for wire fees and having the costs of buying new checks, not to mention reconciling the account in a 3-way manner each month?  Let Entrust handle the disbursing for you, so you can grow your business.

Underwriters – As the real estate market is making a comeback, approving new agents may be difficult to do the lack of internal controls an office may have.  Why not grow your market share by using Entrust as the disbursing agent?

Entrust has the controls and safeguards in place to keep you in the game.  Entrust Solutions, pushing the industry forward.

Want to know the states we are currently offering Centralized Disbursing, click HERE.