Abagnale superbusiness check

The SuperBusinessCheck is one of the most secure business checks in the world. Designed by Frank Abagnale with 16 safety features, the check is virtually impossible to replicate or to alter without the fraud being evident. Fully compatible with today's Check 21 environment (bank imaging), the distinct appearance and combination of safety features in the SuperBusinessCheck provide the greatest deterrence to check fraud available in a business check. The SuperBusinessCheck is printed on very tightly controlled, true-watermarked security paper. For your protection, checks are never sold blank without first being customized for a specific customer.


16 security features:

  • Controlled, customized check stock for every order
  • Dual-tone true watermark
  • Thermochromatic ink
  • Front warning banners that are explicitly worded
  • Toner anchorage
  • Copy void pantograph
  • Reactive to 85 different chemicals
  • Chemical-wash detection fields
  • Fluorescent fibers
  • Laid lines printed on back of check
  • "Do not negotiate" printed on back of blank panels
  • Microprinting
  • Inventory control numbers on the back of checks without pre-printed MICR line
  • Three color prismatic printing on face
  • High resolution border
  • Chemical reactive ink (border is made with SICPA ink that dissolves in acetone).
  • Fluorescent ink (Mr. Abagnale's "signature" and seal on back of check)


The security features in the SuperBusinessCheck make it nearly impossible to replicate or to alter without leaving physical evidence, thus discouraging criminals from trying. When there is no attempt to defraud, there will be no loss! High security checks can also provide a legal defense in many check fraud disputes, including Check 21 and Holder in Due Course.


Styles and formats:


superbusinesscheck price list:


Additional options:

Rush Charge: $60 - $100
2nd Color Ink: $60 + $15 per 1000
Special Endorsements: $75

Custom Logo (first time): $60
Custom Panel (first time): $75
Three-on-a-page binder: $15


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